Our Photos

"Barley and Hops Litter"
at 4 years old.
Courtesy of Pam Fillmon

(Jazzie's Misty Mountain Home Brew)
Doing Therapy Work

CH Fallchase Batt 'N Down The Hatches CGC  (6/2/2011-)

"Carter" Earning His RATN Title

"Nora" at Fast Cat

"Nora" being shown in Brooksville

"Celine" at Fast Cat


Rosa and John with all of Joy's
Puppies from "The Weather Litter"

Jazzie's Sunshine on a Leash "Carter"
wishing everyone a Happy Easter

John and Rosa at the 2015 Eukanuba National Dog Show in Orlando

Trying to line up the puppies for a picture

"Joy" Lure Coursing

Hines Training in Georgia

"Spice" Lure Coursing

"Passion" at Hunt Test

Passion's Birthday Party
Hope, Star, Passion and Jazzmine

Jazzie's Girls
"Hope", "Spice", "Palin" and "Passion"

John and "Hope" at Hunt Test

"Palin" at 3 Months Old

"Spice" Retrieving Duck at 3 Months




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