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Rosa, Jazzmine and John

Christmas 1995

Our love, interest and enthusiasm in Golden Retrievers started back in the spring of 1995 when we decided that our life together was in need of another being in our life. We were both of the age where a human being was out of the question, so we decided to get a puppy. Our previous individual experiences with dogs encompassed a wide variety of breeds, both mixed and pure bred. After careful consideration we decided to obtain a Golden Retriever. We began our search by contacting several reputable breeders in Florida who were recommended by the Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club. Soon after, we decided on pursuing a puppy from Sharon McDermott of Sunkyst Goldens. We contacted Sharon inquiring about purchasing one of her upcoming puppies. She was very loving and caring and asked us many questions regarding our personal life, our property and why we wanted a Golden Retriever. She explained to us how important it is to place the right puppy in the right home. We thought that maybe we might not pass the interview and have to go elsewhere. But we passed her acceptance test and soon we were in a contract to purchase our first Golden Retriever. There were several puppies to choose from, but this special puppy with a cowl lick on her face came running to us and filled our face full of kisses. We both fell in love with this puppy at first sight. It was evident though that she chose us we did not choose her. Then we had to pick a name. What better than remembering the time that we went on our first date to a Jazz concert and fell in love. Well yes, perfect, we will call our puppy “Jazzmine”. She was created out of our love for Jazz music. Everyone in our family fell in love with Jazzmine, especially John’s father, who loved to give her treats. He nicked named her “Jazzie”, hence the name “Jazzie’s Goldens”.

Sharon was such a great breeder and friend. Soon she taught Rosa some grooming skills so she could keep Jazzmine looking pretty. Then one day Sharon asked us if we wanted to enter Jazzmine in a conformation show and we said sure. We didn’t know a thing about showing at any events with our dog. Well Jazzmine won her class and earned that first blue ribbon and that’s all it took for us to get started in the sport of purebred dogs. John took her to obedience classes and got her Canine Good Citizen (GCC). She was bought as a pet and became the love of our lives. We decided to breed Jazzmine, with Sharon’s permission and guidance, understanding that we would seek to improve the breed. After obtaining all her health clearances she was bred and that’s when Jazzie’s Goldens came to be.

We want to thank all those friends and fellow Golden Retriever breeders / owners who have helped us to where we are today: Sharon McDermott (Sunkyst Goldens), Candi Pearce (Gemini Goldens), Sally Ray (Ray Retrievers), Ann Rowe (Magik Goldens) and Barbara Tucker (Fallchase Goldens). Great friends, teachers and mentors. We invite you to view the rest of our story, our dogs and our accomplishments by visiting the other pages on our website.

Thank you and God Bless.


John and Rosa Blair

Jazzie's Goldens

Satellite Beach, Fl. 32937





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