In Memory of Hope

Intn'l Ch Gorca's if the Slipper Fits CD, JH, NA, NAJ, RN, WC, CCA, VC

6/25/01 - 10/15/10

You were my "Heart Dog" and I will always compare other
Goldens to you. You would do anything I would ask.
Retrieve a ball, duck or knobby, heal perfectly in the obedience ring,
stand fast for a grooming and show pretty in the breed ring. You had the
best drive and attitude any dog owner would want. I miss you and
can't wait for the day we can be re-united to play ball again.



 Hope Medals

Hope Hunt Test

Hope and John

In Memory of "Leo"
5/19/1999 - 5/29/2014

In Memory of Passion
Intn'l Ch Fallchase Jazzie's Act of Love CD, JH, RN, WC, CCA   

8/2/2004 - 3/10/2015

Rosa, Passion and John
October 2004

In Memory of "Hines" 
Fallchase Jazzie's MVP, CA

(6/2/2011 - 4/8/2019)

In Memory of "Spice"
Intn'l Ch Snowshoe Jazzie's Spice of Life

(6/18/2008 - 8/23/2019)

In Memory of "Palin"
(GCH Intn'l CH Fallchase
Jazzie's D'Fining Moment, CD)

(8/26/08 - 5/16/20)

In Memory of "Joy"
Intn'l Ch Jazzie's Joy to the World, CA " Joy"
12/28/2010 - 6/13/2022

In Memory of Prince

IntCH Jazzie's Heir to the Crown - "Prince"
5/26/12 - 2/6/23




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